Sponsorships & Exhibitions

Sponsorship & Exhibition Prospectus

ICOMS RIO 2019 will engage companies and attendees by designing a programme that create several metworking opportunities allowing for great interaction between participants and exhibitirs throughout the entire congress.

The international OMFS market remains effervescent and eager for news, and the opprtunity to access top notch science and education for the regional market in immense mainly because the occasions of international events of this magnitude in the South American continent are rare.

Our goal is to create new business opportunities through tailored packages that serve the profile and specific needs of each exhibitor focusing on the teaching of new technologies as well as advances and upgrades of equipment and material.

Do not miss out and be part of the community that drives OMFS science and education for OMFS professionals around the world for a better patient care.

All requests for bookings are allocated on a first come first served basis.

For more information about sponsorships, contact exhibit-icoms@iaoms.org